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Erin Ward-McCarty and Molly Cruzen discuss their experiences as military spouses and what they wish they would have known in the beginning.

Join us for some heartwarming conversation and great laughs.

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Who We Are

Erin Ward-McCarty

 As a proud Army wife since 2019, I am still new to military life. As my husband intends to serve until he retires, I know there will be many more lessons to come. I am honored to share my honest and relevant experiences with other military spouses who may be on a similar journey. I am also a fur-momma of our cat, Hazel, our my german shepherd/lab, Jax. My hobbies are playing music, cooking and attending festivals.

In 2014 I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s in the fine arts. Performing wasn’t just my hobby, but a love I turned into a full time career. When my Husband (then fiance) came back from his first deployment from the Middle East, we married and moved to Fort Bliss. Paths pivoted and I began working for veterans, discovering a whole new passion. 

Since October 2020 we’ve been living in South Korea, our second duty station and first home overseas. Helping military spouses acclimate to sudden and drastic changes (whatever they may be) is my newfound mission. 

Molly Cruzen

I am a mom of two beautiful daughters and the proud wife of a Navy Veteran. I’m passionate about helping other people, hardworking, and driven by success. My hobbies consist of going to the beach, hiking and spending time with my family. 

In 2016, I graduated with honors from Western Michigan University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in social work, growing my communication and interpersonal skills. My husband deployed twice to the Middle East and went to many other countries during his time in the Navy. When my husband was on active duty I served as the command ombudsman which gave me the boots-on-ground knowledge and understanding of military members and their families. 

I now have the privilege of working for veterans, walking side-by-side with them through the disability claims process. It is truly my calling to help, educate and empower our military community. 

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An Education-Based Coaching/Consulting Company

VA Claims Insider is an education-based coaching/consulting company for disabled veterans who are exploring eligibility for increased VA disability benefits. VACI was founded in 2016 by Brian Reese, Air Force service-disabled veteran and former U.S. Air Force Captain. 

VACI’s mission is “Veterans helping veterans access education-based resources to get the VA disability rating and compensation they deserve.”  We help veterans understand and take control of the claims process, so they can get the rating and compensation they’re owed by law.

Along with a suite of digital products and services in our education-based membership programs, VACI also connects veterans with vetted medical professionals in an independent referral network for medical examinations, disability evaluations, and credible medical nexus letters for a wide range of disability conditions.


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